Meet our executive team.

We’re a group of graduate students dedicated to enriching the grad-school experience and advocating for all graduates at the UofC Foothills campus community.



Samiha Mohsen


Lab and Institute: Dr. Kirsten Fiest Lab, Calgary Critical Care Research Network.

Program: MSc in Community Health Sciences, Epidemiology

Favourite CFD/DGA event: the Wellness Fair

Fun Fact: I swim for the U of C varsity team. I am also a meme expert and die-hard “office” fan.

Daphne Nakhid


Lab and Institute: Developmental neuroimaging lab and ENHANCE lab, Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Program: MSc of Neuroscience

Favorite CFD event: Pet therapy 

Fun fact about myself: I love reading about habit formation 

Suzie Lee


Lab and Institute: Nguyen Lab, Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Program: Masters in Science, Neurosciences

Favourite CFD/DGA event: Pet therapy and welcome BBQ – cute puppies and free food!

Fun Fact: My favourite comfort food is baked Sriracha Mac & Cheese

Tanis Orsetti


Lab and Institute: Yates Lab, Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases 

Program: MSc in Medical Science 

Favourite CFD/DGA event: The coffee mornings are always a highlight to my week! 

Fun Fact: I’m one of five siblings!



Rachel Kratofil (Chair)

Mady Thompson (Co-Chair)

Hiba Omairi (Treasurer)

Jenny Nguyen (Communications)