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Besides academia, we also enjoy having outreach activities to raise awareness and share our findings with others! 

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"Chasing a Trace"

“Wolverines are one of the most elusive mysterious animals on the planet. Wolverine researchers in Western Canada have spent the last ten years putting the puzzle pieces of how to conserve wolverine for the long term into place.This film will focus on one of the crucial missing pieces by following wildlife scientist, Mirjam Barrueto on her quest to find elusive breed female wolverines in the high alpine mountains of Canada’s west.”   


Ph.D. Mirjam Barrueto

"Do humans shape ecosystems?"

Interview conducted following the publication of a paper with a breakthrough methodological achievement of our lab.

Science World, Voice of America ©

Dispelling the Myth of the Wolf - An Interview with Dr. Marco Musiani, NUTV Full Frontal LIVE!, NUTV, University of Calgary

Mark Jamieson interviews Professor Dr. Marco Musiani with the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design on the myths, legends and functions of the wolf. © NUTV

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Dr. Marco Musiani

Le confinement, une occasion de repenser notre influence sur la nature

“La nuit, les loups sont partout. Pendant la COVID-19, je m’attends à les voir se promener sur ces [mêmes] territoires le jour aussi”.

ICI-Radio Canada

Dr. Marco Musiani

Interview following the publication of "Genetic diversity in caribou linked to past and future climate change."

Nature Climate Change,                              Radio Canada International © 

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Science for everyone!

Dr. Mathieu Pruvot

Academics from the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta looked at a range of interactions between elk and cattle to better understand what may be the risk of disease transmission.

"The World of Wolves"

The World of Wolves offers a fresh and provocative look at current trends in wolf and wildlife management. Representative case studies, from geographically and culturally diverse areas of the world, highlight the existing interconnections between wolves, their prey, their habitat, their ecosystems and people, and the role of science in policy formation and wolf management.

Interview with graduate students and Dr. Musiani

Caribou are a declining, keystone and federally-protected species — up to 50% of the population is lost every eight years.

Wildlife Ecology Research Group

Marco Musiani Lab


“Our work is mainly academic, but we also work with stakeholders to formulate management and conservation plans, with a focus on western North American landscapes.”

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