Ph.D. in Ecological Genomics of Endangered Caribou

University of Calgary
Supervisors: Marco Musiani & Jocelyn Poissant

We are seeking a PhD student for an ecological genomics project on endangered caribou in Western Canada. The project will make use of large genomic and GPS movement datasets to characterize adaptive genetic variation and differentiation in free-living caribou using quantitative genetic and landscape genomic approaches. This includes studying links between genetic variation, habitat selection, health, and fitness. The project has consequential applications including plans to maintain adaptive variation in nature and to design conservation breeding programs. 

The student should have demonstrated interest and expertise in molecular ecology or quantitative genetics and ideally a publication record. She/he will enjoy working with other graduate students as well as committed academic and government partners. The student will be based in the Department of Biology and receive a minimum stipend of $23,000/year for 4 years, and this amount will increase for students who receive competitive scholarships. The student will be expected to start in September 2021 or January 2022.  

Calgary is a vibrant multicultural city that consistently ranks in the World’s top 10 most liveable cities. It is located just 1 hour away from Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies, with outstanding year-round opportunities for outdoor activities.

Please send a CV and contacts for 3 references to Marco Musiani <mmusiani@ucalgary.ca> and Jocelyn Poissant <jocelyn.Poissant@ucalgary.ca> -supervisor and co-supervisor, respectively.

Prospective students

Marco supervises MSc and PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows whose interests align with the research themes of the lab. Of course, before committing to supervision, feasibility of projects is assessed and funding is secured.

Marco also supervises other projects that are undertaken in the following courses:

The 507 course lasts one term, and 528 or 530 last two terms (the 530 is for students in an Ecology or a Zoology Major only). These courses are taken for credit and offer the student the opportunity to conduct real world research with Marco and the other lab members.

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