Serious Games Research Group

Serious Games Research Group


We are the Serious Games Research Group at the University of Calgary led by Dr. Richard Zhao. We interested in serious games: these are computer games and gaming-related technologies for the purpose of training and education.

“Game” does not narrowly refer to only entertainment, as modern game engines (such as Unreal and Unity) are used everywhere from media and simulations to digital twins. We deploy immersive technologies (virtual reality, eye-tracking technology) as part of the experience.

We examine AI techniques (search and learning) to provide adaptive and personalized experiences, and for automated natural language generation.

GEARS: Gearing up for Education, Achieving Real-world Success Research Project.

Industry-Sponsored Project Opportunities:

Is your business looking for an intern? With a commitment of $1875/month (minimum 4 months, with Mitacs matching), you can get one of our capable students to work part-time on a project with your business. Our students are well trained in AI, games, and virtual reality. Contact us if you want to further explore these opportunities.


New Publication on Enhancing Metaphor Detection

Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate Mohamad Elzohbi for having his paper “ContrastWSD: Enhancing Metaphor Detection with Word Sense Disambiguation Following the Metaphor Identification Procedure” accepted at the 2024 Joint International Conference...
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Welcome new graduate students!

We welcome two new graduate students, Matthew McConnell and Parsa Rahmati!
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Congratulations to Michael Shomoye

Congratulations to M.Sc. student Michael Shomoye in our research group for successfully defending his thesis today!Michael's work examines the recognition of emotions (boredom, confusion, etc.) using convolutional neural network in...
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