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Re: Interview invitations

Dear everyone,

Congratulations to all applicants who received an interview invite on Monday.

The system works through sending invites first and then sends out regrets and this process can take a few hours.

We have increased the number of interviews this year to a total number of 605.


500 Albertans
105 Non-Albertans

Actual number of Albertans Interviewed = 500/1486( ~34%)
Actual number of non-Albertans Interviewed = 105/441 (~23%)

This was another competitive year with approximately one point separating the last offer from the next 50.

Albertan stats for interview invites:
Mean GPA: 3.90
Mean CARS: 127

Non -Albertan stats for interview invites:
Mean GPA: 3.95
Mean CARS: 129

Please read your invite letter carefully.

We look forward to meeting the successful applicants on interview day.