Accompanying guest program

There will be an accompanying guest program (sometimes also referred to as a spousal program) running in parallel to the SaGES 2023 technical sessions (i.e., Monday, Tuesday morning, and Wednesday). The program will include an urban studies tour of downtown (e.g., the Calgary Tower, Olympic Plaza, the Bow building, the Peace Bridge, various +15s, etc.), a tour of the University of Calgary campus, and nature/park walks. In addition, accompanying guests will be able to purchase tickets for the welcoming reception (Sunday night, $60$35), the field trip to the survey camp Barrier Lake Station in Kananaskis (Tuesday afternoon, $30$25), the awards dinner (Wednesday evening, $75$55), and the networking excursion to Lake Louise and the Banff town site (Thursday, $100).

The prices quoted above are in Canadian dollars (or CAD), and do not include 5% GST; to convert to US dollars (USD) multiply by 0.73 or divide by 1.36 (as of March 6, 2023); for an up-to-date currency conversion rate please resort to an online currency converter.