Canadian Polar Data Workshop

Canadian Polar Data Workshop


The Canadian Polar Data Workshop (CPDW) is a forum for supporting and advancing polar data initiatives in Canada. Structured to reach specific outcomes, these workshops help to develop Canada’s national polar data strategies and to further national objectives in the areas of data discovery, federated search, data interoperability, knowledge transfer, and Indigenous data sovereignty. 

CPDW 2024

The Canadian Polar Data Workshop V took place May 27–31, 2024, in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Dalhousie University. The workshop was a hybrid event and welcomed in-person and virtual attendance.

Keynote Speakers


The fifth CPDW was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 27–31, 2024.
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The fourth CPDW was held in Victoria, British Columbia, May 23–27, 2022.
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The third CPDW was held in Banff, Alberta, February 18–21, 2020.
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The second CPDW was held in Ottawa, Ontario, May 30–31, 2017.
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The first CPDW was held in Ottawa, Ontario, May 26–27, 2015.
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