The Geovation Group


Since, 2005, Dr Hay has supervised 32 team members. This includes includes Post Doctoral Fellows (PDFs), Research Associates (RAs) and Graduate Students (PDF’s: 3, RA’s: 3, PhD’s: 6, MSc’s: 5, MGIS: 13, Co-supervised:  2)

Post-Doctoral Fellows: Research Title: Date Begin: End
Luis M. T. De Carvalho (PhD) High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery for Detecting Multiscale Forest Changes: An integration of Geo-Object-Based Image analysis and Wavelet Transforms 06-2009: 07-2010
Stefan Steiniger (PhD) PAGEVIS-LD: Pattern Aware Generalization
and VISualization of Land-use Data
Guillermo Castilla (PhD) SCRM: Size Constrained Region Merging 05-2006: 05-2008
  Research Associates  
Isabel Couloigner (PhD) Tech level (I) Part time: HEAT Remote Sensing Specialist – Alberta Real-estate & ISEEE  03-2013: 03-2014
Isabel Couloigner (PhD) Tech level (I): HEAT Remote Sensing Specialist – Tecterra funded  03-2012: 03-2013
Weng. Cao (MSc) Tech level (I): HEAT Geoweb Specialist – Tecterra funded  03-2012: 03-2013
Chris Kyle (MGIS) Tech level (I): HEAT Geoweb Decision Support Architect – Tecterra funded  02-2012: 03-2013
Chris Kyle (MGIS) HEAT Geoweb Decision Support Architect – ISEEE funded 02-2009: 02-2011
Mojgan Mirzaei Developing a Web-Enabled VGI to Support Urban Energy Efficiency and Green Real-Estate in the City of Calgary, Alberta. 09-2014: 05-2016:
Fai Man Wu A High-Resolution Multiscale Remote Sensing Analysis of Calgary’s Urban Heat Island to Improve Urban Energy Efficiency. 09-2013: 05-2015:
Rustam Kamberov Integrating Geospatial Technologies to Accurately Model Residential Energy Consumption and Improve Urban Energy Efficiency. 09-2012: 09-2014:
Mustafizur Rahman Developing a semi/automated protocol to post-process large volume, High-resolution airborne thermal infrared (TIR) imagery for urban waste heat mapping. 09-2009: 09-2014
Ryan Powers A multiscale, multisensory and multi-temporal analysis of Wasteheat in the city of Calgary. 09-2009: 09-2010
Gang Chen A GEOBIA Framework for Estimating Forest Biophysical Parameters: Integrating Lidar Transects and Quickbird Data.  07-2006: 05-2011
Salar Ghaffarian Automatic Mapping of Residential Rooftops using H-Res Thermal Imagery. 09-2018: Present
Bilal Abdulkarim Supporting Urban Energy Efficiency with A Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) System: A Calgary Case Study. 09-2011: 05-2014
Kerry Ross The Influence of Microclimate, Plant Selection and Building Design on Green Roofs in Calgary, Alberta. 09-2011: 09-2014
Bharanidharan Hemachandran Using H-Res Thermal Imagery to Develop HEAT Scores and Energy Models in Support of Residential Energy Efficiency. 09-2009: 03-2013
Ryan Powers How Many Wetlands are Missing? A Multiscale GEOBIA of Wetlands in the Boreal Plains of Albert.  09-2007: 04-2009
MGIS (Masters of Geographic Information Systems)  
Corey Hughes Creating Urban HEAT Scores based on TIR imagery and Machine learning. 09-2018: Present
David Griffith RoofTree – Mapping and assessing urban vegetation covering rooftops. 09-2016: 07-2018
Zhang Linghu Data mining TIR imagery to quantify urban energy consumption. 09-2013: 05-2015
Yuanhua Yu Developing a VGI to support wide-area roof material classification from H-Res TIR imagery. 09-2013: 05-2015
May Kongwongthai Multi-temporal 3D-modeling of green roof vegetation-volume from a hand-held SLR camera. 09-2012: 05-2016
Yilong Zhang Evaluating the relationships between house structural properties and rooftop heat loss: a geo-spatial modelling approach. 09-2010: 01-2013
Francis Savio An Automated Approach to Exploratory Thermal Mapping Interpolation Toolkit (ETMIT) - for Home Energy Efficiency Improvement. 09-2009: 11-2014
Sulakshmi Das Evaluating Vegetation Indices and Thermal Infrared imagery to improve GEOBIA Impervious Surface Mapping from high–resolution imagery. 09-2009: 08-2012
Salman Naqvi Developing Remote Sensing Google Map APIs for Mobile devices. 09-2008: 05-2010
Christopher Kyle HEAT – Home Energy Assessment Technologies: A Web Service for Residential Energy Efficiency Evaluation in the City of Calgary. 09-2007: 04-2009
Kerry Larkin Patches as Natural Units Within the Landscape Hierarchy. 09-2005: 04-2008
Joshua Ben-Arie The Development and Evaluation of a Pit Filling Algorithm for LiDAR Digital Surface and Digital Canopy Models of Coniferous Forest Landscapes. 09-2005: 06-2007
Adam Linteris Evaluating the Influence of Scale and Image Type in the Accuracy of Total Volume Estimates Derived from Image Segmentation of Lidar and Quickbird Imagery. 09-2005: 06-2007
Co-Supervised Grads  
David Nuell (MSc) Incomplete moved to Industry 09-2005: 06-2007
Jennifer Klassen (MSc) Analysis of NDVI time series for phenology 09-2005: 06-2007