The Geovation Group


Meet our team

Our diverse team typically fluctuates between 2-10+ individuals, depending on where folks are in their program. Ideally, Dr Hay prefers a research team of 3-5, allowing for meaningful research, teaching and leadership opportunities through team participation and collaboration.

Since 2005, Dr Hay has been engaged in the training of 32 Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) including: (3) Post Doctoral Fellows, (3) Research Associates, (6) PhD’s, (5) MSc’s, (13) MGIS and (2) Co-supervised students. Several of whom, have gone on to be hired by Dr Hay’s University startup, which has been in business since 2014. Others have gone on to numerous Geospatial positions in Government and Industry, with the first graduate student now an Associate Professor developing his own research program.

To view a list of HPQ alumni and their research contributions, please click here.

Dr Geoff Hay


Dr. Geoffrey J. Hay is an Associate Professor in GIScience at the University of Calgary, Director of the Geovation Group and Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at MyHEAT. Inc.

Salar Ghaffarian

MSc Student

Salar Ghaffarian has a master’s degree in Geomatics Engineering and specializes in Remote Sensing Science. He is using machine -learning and high-res’ thermal imagery to automatically map residential rooftops.

Corey Hughes

MGIS Student

Corey Hughes has a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies and Geography from the University of Calgary and is in the UC MGIS program. He specializes in GIS.