A Doctor’s Appointment Prep Tool (ADAPT)

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To learn how to use the tool, click on the “How to Use” menu item. To read about the project and the team, click on the “About Us” menu item.

Adapt - A Doctor's Appointment Prep Tool
Download the PDF by clicking the image above

How To Use

The purpose of this tool is to help you prepare for your doctor’s appointment by writing down answers to common questions that doctors ask. 

Once you have downloaded the tool onto your computer, laptop, or phone, you can either keep it on your device or print a copy. 

  • If you print a copy, you can fill out the tool yourself with a pen or pencil and bring the copy to your doctor’s appointment.
  • If you keep it on your device, you can type in the form and take a screenshot of it to keep and show your doctor. Every time you download the tool on your device, the information you type into it may disappear.

The first page provides you with tips for before, during, and after your appointment. It also has space for you to write down questions, or reminders of what you may need to bring

The second page has a list of common questions your doctor may ask you about how you are feeling. Your doctor may ask you some, or all of these questions. Sometimes your doctor may ask you unexpected medical or non-medical questions.

Please keep in mind the conversation between you and your doctor is usually confidential. However, there are some exceptions where information may need to be reported to public authorities, such as:

  • If you have an infectious disease (e.g. syphilis, tuberculosis)
  • If you are intending to hurt yourself
  • If you are intending to hurt others.

About Us

We are medical students at the University of Calgary. Over the past year, we conducted focus groups with immigrants from India, China, and the Philippines to learn about the challenges they encounter within the healthcare system. Click on this link to read our project’s one-page summary.

From these focus groups, we learned that communicating with the doctor can be one of the most difficult parts of navigating the healthcare system. Doctors can use complicated words, ask unexpected questions, and make you feel rushed. 

As a result, we designed this tool to help prepare you for your appointment. We hope it will help the doctor better understand your needs when you are not feeling well. You can keep this for your own records.

We hope this tool will improve your experience within the healthcare system. If you have any feedback on how we can make this tool better or questions about the tool itself, you can contact us at immigranthealth@ucalgary.ca.

Kind regards,

Katherine Yu, Zach Hong, Ashna Maredia, Julia Robertson