Knowledge Transfer in the Oil & Gas Industry: A Case Study in the Corrosion and Integrity Management Sector

Fereshteh Sattari, University of Alberta
Supervisors: Lianne Lefsrud & John Wolodko, University of Alberta

This research will contribute to analyzing university-industry interactions. The methodological contributions are to analyze interactions between university and industry using established literature. The empirical contributions are the administration of a survey and the investigation of results using descriptive statistics and regression analysis.    In general, previously cited material is focused upon a variety of different non-Canadian contexts and within the literature there is a gap in terms of broad studies focusing on knowledge transfer activities between Canadian researchers and Oil & Gas industry. This is why, the main objectives of this study are to build trust and determine how the Oil and Gas industry communicates and interacts in terms of knowledge transfer, which interaction channels are most prevalent when transferring knowledge, and how the Oil and Gas sector differs from other industries. We will also provide suggestions for improving knowledge transfer based on research findings and studying literature. Our hypothesis is that knowledge is not being fully transferred between academic research and industry in the energy sector due to a siloing effect

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