3rd geno-MIC Workshop

3rd geno-MIC Workshop @ ISMOS-7

June 18, 2019, Halifax, NS

geno-MIC researchers, collaborators and industry partners meet to review the latest project developments and discuss the following topics:

  • SOPS, Standards & Guidelines
  • Devices & Assays
  • Database & Ontology
  • Models

An industry workshop was hosted by R. Eckert and T. Skovhus preceding the official opening of the ISMOS-7 conference. L. Gieg Featured as ad invited speaker “Assessing MIC in the Petroleum Industry – A Holistic Approach” and panel participant.

MIC Management Forum @ Corrosion2019

Management of MIC in the Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industry Forum

March 25, 2019, Nashville, TN

MIC Management Forum Scope

  • This forum will present practical examples of MIC management in a variety of systems found in the oil and gas industry.
  • Case studies will demonstrate how operators are addressing the threat of MIC as part of a corrosion management system.
  • The latest developments in MIC assessment, mitigation, and monitoring will be presented. Also, the most recent MIC models will be presented and demonstrated

Presentations (links open PDFs)

Forum Introduction, T. Skovhus. VIA University College

An Update of MIC Research and Developments for the Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. T. Skovhus, VIA University College, T. Jack, ?University of Calgary, J. Wolodko, U. Alberta, R. Eckert, DNV GL

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion and Failure Analysis. R. Eckert, DNV GL

Sampling & Methods for MIC Determination. T. Jack, L. Gieg

Current Research in the Modeling of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC). J. Wolodko, R. Eckert, T. Haile, F. Khan, T. Skovhus

Current and Future Standards for MIC Management. T. Skovhus


Rick Exkert, Andre Abilio and Danika Nicoletti spell out MIC

Assessment of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Threats and Failures: Approaches and Challenges

February 7, 2019, Calgary, AB

Hosted by NACE Northern Area Western Canada (NAWC)

MIC Forum Objectives

  • To provide insights on the latest approaches being used to assess MIC in the oil and gas sector.
  • To hear current perspectives on MIC threat and failure analysis from end users, service providers and regulators.
  • To gain insights from peers through guided discussions on the practical and scientific challenges associated with MIC.

Presentations (links open PDFs)

Forum Introduction, R. Eckert, DNV GL, & J. Wolodko, U. Alberta

Current and Future Guidelines for MIC Threat and Failure Assessment, R. Eckert, DNV GL

An Operators View on Approaches to MIC Threat and Failure Assessment, T. Place, Enbridge Pipelines

An Regulator’s View on Approaches to MIC Threat and Failure Assessment, J. Been, National Energy Board

MIC: Assessment, Approaches, and Challenges, G. Jennerman, GJ Microbial Consulting, LLC

2nd geno-MIC Workshop

geno-MIC investigators and partners at the 2nd Workshop, St John's, NL

C-RISE & geno-MIC Workshop & Research Symposium

June 27-28, 2018, St. John’s, NL

Hosted by C-RISE, Memorial Univerity

Continuing from the success of the 2017 MIC workshop, this year’s workshop brought together both industry experts and researchers to share knowledge and experience, and to identify and establish new collaborative research opportunities relevant to the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area and other MIC research spheres.

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K. Hawboldt

Thank you to our Sponsors:
Genome Canada
Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada
Petroleum Research Newfoundland & Labrador

Dr. Rick Eckert, DNV GL, introducing MIC

1st geno-MIC Industry Workshop

Group photo of attendees at the first geno-MIC Industry Workshop, Calgary, AB
Participants from industry, government and academia.

November 1, 2017
InnoTech Alberta, Calgary

Workshop Objectives:

Dr. Lida Gieg presenting at first geno-MIC Industry Workshop
  1. Bring together various stakeholder groups:
    • end users/operators
    • service companies/suppliers
    • consultants government/regulators
    • academia
  2. and disciplines interested in the topic of MIC:
    • corrosion & materials specialists
    • engineers & technologists
    • microbiologists
    • chemists
  3. To learn about current trends in MIC detection, mitigation, prediction and research.
  4. To share information on best practices and approaches used in the management of MIC.

Presentations (links open PDFs)

Workshop Introduction. J. Wolodko, U. Alberta

Introduction to MIC. R. Eckert, DNV GL

Genomic 101: How Genomics can assist in MIC Management. L. Gieg, U. Calgary

geno-MIC Project Overview. F. Khan, Memorial U.

Current and Future Standards for MIC Management. T. Skovhus, VIA University College

Overview of Proposed Stakeholder Surveys. J. Wolodko & L. Lefsrud, U. Alberta

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