Rick Exkert, Andre Abilio and Danika Nicoletti spell out MIC

Assessment of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Threats and Failures: Approaches and Challenges

February 7, 2019, Calgary, AB

Hosted by NACE Northern Area Western Canada (NAWC)

MIC Forum Objectives

  • To provide insights on the latest approaches being used to assess MIC in the oil and gas sector.
  • To hear current perspectives on MIC threat and failure analysis from end users, service providers and regulators.
  • To gain insights from peers through guided discussions on the practical and scientific challenges associated with MIC.

Presentations (links open PDFs)

Forum Introduction, R. Eckert, DNV GL, & J. Wolodko, U. Alberta

Current and Future Guidelines for MIC Threat and Failure Assessment, R. Eckert, DNV GL

An Operators View on Approaches to MIC Threat and Failure Assessment, T. Place, Enbridge Pipelines

An Regulator’s View on Approaches to MIC Threat and Failure Assessment, J. Been, National Energy Board

MIC: Assessment, Approaches, and Challenges, G. Jennerman, GJ Microbial Consulting, LLC