Lab Access

It is the goal of the Integrated Arts Media Labs to provide access to digital artistic tools for Fine Arts (Art, Music, Drama, Dance) students, faculty, and staff in as broad a manner as possible. See the overview page for a list of facilities.

Who May Have Access?
Access Restrictions
Lab Bookings
Drop-in Access
After Hours Card Access
Equipment and Printing Access

Who May Have Access?

Our facilities are for the use of students registered in degree programs in Art, Music, Drama or Dance. Should you be enrolled in a class in one of those disciplines that requires use of our Labs, you may be given access for the duration of the class regardless of your area of study.

Access Restrictions

Users need to be aware of the following circumstances that may affect when they may access the Labs:

  1. Lab Bookings (mostly for classes),
  2. Card Access Only hours (mostly evenings and weekends).

Since we do not allow individuals or non-class groups to book individual computers within our spaces, we have a Priority Usage policy that determines which user(s) has priority at any one time.

Lab Bookings

Bookings have priority over all other uses. These appear on the lab schedule. The normal weekly schedule is posted on the IAML Home Page for quick reference, while the date-specific schedule (which accounts for holidays and ad hoc bookings) is available for viewing online:

We also post the current lab schedule near the main entrance of each Lab.

Bookings in the Main Lab are accompanied by a sign on the Main Door telling users not in that class whether they may enter for Drop-in Access or not.

Drop-in Access (during office hours)

  1. Main Lab
    • At the discretion of Lab staff, the Main Lab may be open without need of card access. Current practice is to leave the door open 09:00–16:00 weekdays when a class is not booked in the Lab.
    • At other times, eligible users may obtain card access subject to IAML policies.
  2. Small Lab
    • Drop-in users must have card access, regardless of the time of day. Eligible users may obtain card access subject to the policies below.

After Hours Card Access

After hours access is available to the following individuals:

Who Main Lab Access Hours Duration of Access
Undergraduate students enrolled in a degree programme in Art, Drama, Dance, or Music 07:00–23:00 daily while enrolled in degree programme
Graduate students enrolled in a degree programme in Art, Drama, Dance, or Music 24h daily while enrolled in degree programme
Students enrolled in a class that requires use of our facilities for completion of assignments (e.g., MUSI 351, Art 331) 07:00–23:00 daily duration of class
Faculty and Staff members in Art, Drama, Dance, and Music 24h daily while on staff
  • For Art, Music, Drama, and Dance majors, access will be automatic as long as you have a University ID Card (“Unicard”) that works with the proximity card system when we request access for you. Other users need to make a request to Lab staff. For more details, see our Help page on card access procedures.
  • Persons outside of this group who require access need to send us a request from a Department Head in order to be considered (see the Technical Lead for details).
  • Those who are not a major in Art, Drama, Dance, or Music will require a lab orientation before being granted card access. (This often happens when the class first meets in one of our Labs.)
  • Should the exterior doors to the Art Building be locked, users with card access should be able to enter the building using their Unicard.
  • Undergraduates who have card access to our labs but require 24 hour access due to academic need may obtain such access by having a professor in Art, Drama, Dance, or Music make a request on their behalf.
  • Access to the labs is a privilege, and as such may be withdrawn for reasons of misconduct. Letting people into the lab when they knock on the door is one example of misconduct.

Equipment and Printing Access

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