Important Dates in April and May

As we come to the end of the Winter Term and begin the Spring/Summer Term, you will want to pay attention to these important dates:

  • Week of April 22: All student files will be deleted from Lab computers and server.
  • April 26: Card access deleted for students granted access due to a Winter class (i.e., non-majors).
  • April 29 – May 14: No services. Computers available by card access only.
  • May 6: Spring classes begin.
  • May 15: Spring/Summer service schedule begins: in-person services Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays or by appointment; support via email Tuesdays and Fridays.

Lab staff will take additional vacation time in June, July, and August. These dates will be announced in late May. If you need services during those months (we’re looking at you, graduate students), let us know as soon as possible what your deadlines are so that we can create a schedule for all students to access our lab services in a timely manner.

Reading Week 2024

The University is closed on Monday, February 19 and there are no classes for the rest of that week. Your technical staff will also be taking that week off, but you can still gain access to the Labs with your Unicard. If you require services such as equipment loans or photographic printing, you should arrange those by February 15 so as to avoid disappointment.

End of Fall Term Information

Yes, Lab staff are still working between the end of classes and the holiday closure of the University. Here are the details:

File Clean-Up

All files on Lab stations will be subject to deletion as of December 15. Files on the Lab Server are also be subject to deletion at that time, but we will try to keep those available until December 20.

Service Hours

We plan to run (mostly) regular service hours through December 21 (09:00–16:00 weekdays, excluding lunch). We will be closed from December 22 through January 1 and will reopen on January 2 at 09:00. The following days are the exceptions to those times:

  • Fri., Dec. 8: 09:30 start
  • Mon., Dec. 11: 11:15 start
  • Tue., Dec. 12: 09:00–12:00, 14:15–16:00
  • Wed., Dec. 13: 10:30 start

As we will be doing some technical work during this period, not all stations or services may be available at all times. Please contact us in advance if you have time-sensitive work.

Adobe Creative Cloud Black Friday Deal

If your classes this Term have made you interested in paying Adobe to use their products, then now would be the time to subscribe. As part of their Black Friday Sale (which ends Friday, Nov. 24), you can get all Creative Cloud apps for $21/month on a one-year contract (there are penalties for cancelling early, as we describe on our help page on the topic, so just assume you’ll be paying the $262+tax). This is a savings of $5 per month.

If all you want are Photoshop and/or Lightroom, the regular Photography (20 GB) plan priced at $13/month for a year is a better bet. (They have tried to hide this option in favour of the $26/month plan with 1 TB of cloud storage, but click on the Compare Plans link and it will show up.)

Fall Break Services

We will have limited services during Fall Break. Here are the details:

  • Monday, Nov. 13 — University Closed, Card Access to Labs available
  • Tuesday & Wednesday, Nov. 14 & 15 — No services, Card Access to Labs available
  • Thursday & Friday, Nov. 16 & 17 — Services available 09:00–12:00, 13:00-16:00, Card Access at other times

Laser Printing Options Updated

There are two ways to laser print for users of the IAML:

  1. Using the campus Student Printers (this is available to all UCalgary students), or
  2. Using the IAML Colour Tabloid laser printer located in the IAML Main Lab.

Campus Student Printer

If you want to print to the campus Student Printers, IT has a help page that describes how you can print via email (Black & White double-sided only), from a mobile device (phone, laptop), or from a public computer on campus.

Our computers right beside the campus Student printer (in AB611A, the hallway outside the Main Lab North door) have a printer named Student Printer that can print directly to these printers. Simply use the Print command from your app and select Student Printer. Since you are logged in to the computer, it will know to send the job under your name.

Most importantly, if you send it this way, it will default to printing in colour (this is by request from Art students). If you are only printing in Black & White, you can save money by changing the colour settings in the print dialog box. First, look for the Printer Options section, then click the > to reveal those options. Click on Printer Features (see screenshot below).

When you do, you will be presented with the option to change the Color Mode from Color to Black and White (see screenshot below). Click on the pop-up menu to change it, then click OK. You may now press the Print button to print in Black & White.

Payment for all print jobs to the student laser printers is by Unicard.

IAML Laser Printer

There is also a laser printer inside the IAML Main Lab. To send jobs to it, you use the IAML Colour Tabloid Laser in the Print dialog box in your app. In most cases, you can just send your print without specifying whether you want Colour or Black & White, as we will only charge you based on what comes out of the printer rather than the mode it was sent. In fact, we recently adjusted our prices to match the campus Student Printer prices but with a small bonus for those printing text-only, Black & White term papers, music notation files, or small drafting documents: those prints are just 5¢ per Letter-sized page (10¢ for Tabloid).

Payment for print jobs sent to the IAML Laser can be made in Cash (rounded to the nearest 5¢) or by Unicard (exact amount). Happy printing!

We’re Hiring Student Help!

The Integrated Arts Media Labs have received funding to hire a student assistant for the Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 Term for about 9 hours per week when classes are held. The successful applicant will help provide services and support for lab operations such as photographic printing, equipment loans, troubleshooting computer problems, and general maintenance of the labs. Work usually happens weekdays between 08:30 and 16:30. Preference is given to majors in Art, Music, Drama, and/or Dance (graduate or undergraduate). You must be a current UCalgary student to be hired.

To apply (or if you have questions), contact Head Technician Anthony Reimer in person during business hours or via email at iaml [at] Please supply a résumé including details on your experience with digital tools and the IAML, plus your class/availability schedule. (If that additional information is not in your résumé/CV, please provide it in a cover letter.) Interviews are ongoing. We plan to hire someone on or before September 20.

Why the Small Lab Uses Station Letters and Other Historical Tidbits

Once upon a time, prior to the formation of the Integrated Arts Media Lab in Craigie Hall (1994), both Music and Art had their own small computer labs — Art in AB 611 and Music in CH F206.

Inspired by the Artists they studied, the Art Department lab identified their computers by name. Those names were:

  • Alberti
  • Bernini
  • Cellini
  • Degas
  • Ensor
  • Fuseli
  • Giacometti
  • Hieronymous

You’ll note a pattern there: the names chosen started with the first 8 letters of the alphabet.

In 1993, the Faculty of Fine Arts (which included Drama and Dance as well) decided that they would be better off combining their resources to make one good lab to share instead of continuing to fund separate departmental labs. And thus, the IAML was born. It open in the Fall of 1994 in Craigie Hall F208, where the Music Resource Centre had been located.

But when the IAML opened, Art still kept around the computers they had in AB 611 so that students didn’t have to hike all the way down to Craigie Hall F Block to just use Photoshop, for instance. This lab was technically a part of the new IAML operations, but most of the day-to-day support was done by Jim Williams, the Photography Technician. The station naming convention stayed the same. When a ninth station was added, it was dubbed Ingres, keeping with the same tradition. The Art Building lab was filled with “hand-me-down” computers, now being handed down from the IAML Craigie Hall lab. So if you wanted the good computers, you still needed to go to Craigie Hall.

The Faculty had always planned for a second IAML lab, and by the early 2000s, it was clear that this was necessary, as Drama started teaching Computer-Assisted Drafting in the Art Building Lab because there were scheduling conflicts in the Craigie Hall lab. To help meet this need, a 10th station was added, which we named “Johnston” (both as a hat tip to the artist from the Group of Seven as well as the late Professor Emeritus of Music, Richard Johnston) and upgraded some old machines to tide us over until we could fund that lab better. At this point, the IAML staff started doing more of the setup and support, with Jim being the point person in the building.

The New Era

In 2004–5, the Faculty of Fine Arts directed their Development Officer, Ian Warwick, to put together a proposal to build a proper second Lab in order to approach potential donors for funding and naming rights. This effort was successful in getting the support of NBC Universal Canada to fund what became known as the NBC Universal Multimedia Lab or NUML. The 10-seat lab in the Art Building now became the high-end lab, to be used for more intense computing tasks, but also for the classes that had been using the hand-me-down lab prior to this.

Because this new lab was clearly no longer just for Art students, the idea of attaching Art-centric names to the stations didn’t seem right. Some thought went in to changing some of the names to performing artists in consideration of those other disciplines, but in the end, the decision was made to simplify them back to their core: just letters of the alphabet. While we could have also just changed them to more numbers, keeping the smaller lab as letters seemed to be a way to both distinguish the space and keep a small nod to its history.

When the donor naming rights agreement expired and no subsequent donor was found, we changed the name of the NUML to the IAML Small Lab, the name of the IAML to the IAML Main Lab, and the name of the combined operation to the Integrated Arts Media Labs. But the reason the Main Lab stations use numbers (like the Craigie Hall lab did) and the Small Lab stations use letters is all about the history of the the two labs.