Equipment Loans

Note: We do not loan equipment to the greater campus community, nor to the general public. If you leave us a message (voice mail, email) asking for an exception, we will not respond. You may want to check with the TFDL regarding equipment for loan to all students.

Here are some vendors in Calgary that currently offer equipment rentals:

The Lab has various equipment available for loan to support work in Art, Music, Drama and Dance classes:

  • Digital SLRs (Photographic Camera with video capability)
  • Digital Camcorders (legacy, consumer-grade, handheld)
  • Tripods for our cameras/camcorders (including two with dolly wheels for video)
  • Shotgun Mics for our cameras
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • iPad tablets
  • Drawing Tablets

These devices were purchased in order to assist students in completing multimedia assignments in the Visual and Performing Arts disciplines, and to assist graduate students and faculty in those disciplines with research projects. Because of this, you must specify at the time of booking for which class (or research project) you are using the device. At this time, there is no rental charge for this service so long as you qualify for the loan (and return the device on time).

Our loan kits are generally ready-to-use as soon as you pick them up, complete with cables, card readers (if applicable), and batteries. If you wish, you may use your own SD cards in our DSLRs, audio recorders, and camcorders, saving you the trouble of having to extract your files before you return the kit.

In order to use our loan equipment outside of the Main Lab, you must make a booking. Even if you intend to take it immediately, we still make a booking first. If you intend only to use the device within the Main Lab while staff is on duty, making a booking is optional but still recommended.

Making A Booking

Our booking policy is designed to give as many students access to the equipment in as equitable a manner as possible. In general, you will be allowed to book for 1-2 two days, based on demand that term. More specifically:

  • Book to pickup Monday after 13:30 or during business hours on Tuesday and return it Wednesday by 11:30
  • Book to pickup Wednesday after 13:30 or during business hours on Thursday and return it Friday by 11:30
  • Book to pickup Friday after 13:30 and return it Monday by 11:30
  • No consecutive booking periods or consecutive weekends unless there is no demand.

In times of very high demand, we reserve the right to operate under a single day loan period (13:30 to 11:30 the next business day, or 09:00 to 16:00 on the same day). Note that anything shorter than these booking periods is also acceptable, so long as check-in time is during staff hours. If you want a longer loan, you can request to be put on a waiting list for those extra days, or just ask if an extension is available at the time your kit is due for return.

When you book or sign out equipment from us, we ask for your UCalgary ID number as well as a phone number (with voice mail or answering machine attached) or e-mail address as contact information. We are collecting this information within the guidelines and under the authority of FOIP so that we may contact you regarding return of the device (you can view our detailed privacy statement for further information).

Signing Out Equipment and Your Liability

Once you have made your booking, you simply come to the Main Lab at the appointed time and ask the technician to assist you. (We are under no obligation to give you your equipment earlier than the booking time.) The technician on duty will go through the contents of the equipment bag (generally in front of you) to verify all of the items that are going out.

When you sign out equipment from us, be aware that you are taking personal responsibility for it. The University does not provide insurance coverage, and some of these devices would cost $1000 or more to replace. If the device requires repair or replacement due to user neglect or mishandling, or if you do not return all the parts given to you, you can be held financially responsible.

Returning The Loan Items

It is vitally important that you return the equipment on time. In the case of cameras and camcorders, where battery chargers are included, you should return it with the batteries charged if at all possible. In order to maximise user time with our equipment, we use a very short turnaround time. If you are even a couple of hours late, you jeopardize another user’s access. For this reason, we reserve the right to limit future access to our equipment to users who do not return loaned items on time.

If you find that you cannot return the device on time due to an unforeseen circumstance, please contact the IAML Office as soon as possible (click on Contact Us in the Support menu above for current contact information; the information is also included in all of the main equipment kits). We will give you further instructions at that point. This also applies if you wish to seek a loan extension.


Users are expected to bring their own headphones. All computers accept 3.5 mm (mini-jack) plugs, so you may already have a set of headphones that will work. You may also be able to pair your Bluetooth headphones with our computers, as they all have Bluetooth active.

The Lab has a few pairs of over-the-ear headphones for in-Lab use only during office hours — see the technician on duty to borrow a pair. You use these headphones at your own risk.