Printing – Documents

In addition to the campus Student Printers provided by IT (one of which is currently located just outside the North door of the Main Lab), the IAML also provides laser printing for most academic uses. Our Xerox Phaser 7500 is loaded with Letter and Tabloid paper and can print in colour at 1200 dpi, meeting many of the specific needs of students in the visual and performing arts. (Note: If you want photographic-grade printing, whether in colour or black & white, see our Photographic Printing page for more information.) Here are some common questions and answers about our laser printing service.

When can I print?

We provide printing services during business hours (normally 09:00–12:00, 13:00–16:00 weekdays). Sometimes, additional services are provided at the end of the Winter term. If you want printing outside those hours, use the campus Student Printers provided by IT.

What sizes are possible?

Printing of 8.5 × 11″ (Letter), 8.5 × 14″ (Legal), and 11 × 17″ (Tabloid) are available in black & white and colour. You may also try a different size (e.g., music parts paper 9 × 12″) or laser-specific transparencies if you supply the media (we reserve the right to refuse to print on user-supplied media if we think it will damage the printer). The maximum size is 12 × 18″ (or approx. A3 size, if you are used to international paper sizes).

What is the cost?

Here is our current price list:

Print Setting Coverage / Document Type Letter or Legal Paper Tabloid (11 × 17″) Paper
Black & White Text, Music Notation, Drafting, Line Drawings $0.05 $0.10
Images or Text with Images $0.08 $0.16
Colour All Types $0.20 $0.40
Transparency Film for Laser add $2.50 N/A
Card stock for Laser add $0.20 N/A

These prices are per side (that is, you do not get a discount for double-sided printing or for supplying your own media). The special Black & White text rate is solely adjudicated by Lab Staff.

To be eligible for all the Black & White print rates, you should use the Black & White print setting in the printer driver. Otherwise, certain files that appear to be Black & White (e.g., scanned journal articles in a PDF) will print in colour. Ask a technician if you do not know how to set the print dialog box for Black & White printing.

How do I select the desired printer for my job?

You can easily switch amongst our printers “on the fly.” When you select Print, the first option at the top of the sheet is Printer Name. Simply select from the choices provided. The IAML Colour Tabloid is the main laser printer in the Main Lab.