Optical Disc Support

If you still need to read or write optical discs (CD, DVD, BR), we have a portable CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner that can be used within the Labs during business hours; just ask the staff on duty for it.

Apps that support playback (DVD Player, Music app—formerly known as iTunes) are installed on all Lab computers.

If you want to burn discs, you must already know what to do (e.g., author a video DVD or Blu-ray with Final Cut Pro, create a data disc from the Finder, create an audio CD with the Music app).

If you do not have any blank discs with you, we have a limited supply of name-brand blank discs for purchase. Cost is $1.00 per regular CD or DVD, $1.50 for a dual-layer DVD, or $3.00 for a Blu-ray disc while supplies last.

Note: We do not provide any full-serve disc burning services or support.