Limited Card Access Now Available

We now have approval to give out card access to the Labs under specific terms.

Students must make a request to the Head Technician (Anthony) in order to obtain card access to the Labs (via email to or in person when the technician is on site). The student will need to provide their UCID number and the reason for their request (e.g., “Dance 391 student”, “graduate student in Art”). The student must go through a safety orientation (re: cleaning stations and hands, maximum occupancy, physical distancing) in person or via video conference (e.g., Zoom, Teams, FaceTime). This can be done individually or in a group (e.g., as part of a class).

As usual, card access is limited to majors and minors in Art, Music, Drama, and Dance, as well as those students taking a course in one of those disciplines that requires Lab access. Students unwilling or unable to go through the safety orientation may still access the two computers available outside the north door of the Main Lab.

The access hours for undergraduates match the current building hours: 08:00–17:00 weekdays. Graduate students and Faculty will have 24 hour access. Students may access either the Main Lab or the Small Lab with their approved card access.

It takes Campus Security up to three business days to process card access requests, so students should initiate this process well before an assignment is due.